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How to evaluate a leader's style

Leadership is much in the news at the moment from the diesel crisis at VW to the recent humiliation of the English rugby team.

For much of the 20th century people linked personality with leadership; for the latter part of the century the thinking moved to competency being important. With corporate miss-demeanours, culminating in the banking crisis, people started to realise that character and intelligence were actually the critical guide to leadership success.

We all know that there are many different styles of leadership, with the most appropriate style varying from situation to situation; but how do we evaluate our own style, and that of others?

Building on the work of distinguished psychologists analysing successful leaders across history and cultures, and twenty years of their own work, The Thinking Partnership, a leadership consultancy based in Oxford, have developed CharacterScope® into a web based tool available at www.characterscope.com. It identifies nine types of leader: Innovator, Entrepreneurial, Executional, Practical, Strategist, Servant, Transformational, Charismatic and Professional. 

CharacterScope has been created to help people find and shape their identity as a leader. It will not tell anyone whether they can make CEO, rather what kind of CEO they will be if they land the role and where to focus their development to maximise their impact.

You receive a report that outlines how to maximise your leadership potential. Individual users also have the option to share their results with others, complete CharacterScope for others as a way of providing feedback to them, or invite others to complete a review of them, showing how others perceive you. Teams are also able to request a team report, which aggregates individuals’ CharacterScope data to provide a map of the collective strengths and gaps of the team, to guide actions on team development.

For now the initial report is free, although that will change over the next few months.

Nov 26th 2015, 12:35pm

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