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Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring - and Training

These first three of these terms are frequently used interchangeably and confusion exists around their differences. Recently we were responding to a tender opportunity and wrestled with our use of the terms within the offer that we had constructed. We are advocates of the non-directive coaching approach, but often the client ‘does not know what they need to know’. As coaches that have been on business journeys ourselves we know the value of getting easy and cost-effective access to knowledge, fast, so that we can move ahead. We also know the value of the ‘trusted friend’ whom you can turn to for support.

It is always refreshing to read something new or something inspiring. It is a bonus when models are distilled into something clear, simple, short and easy to remember. David Chapman has captured the essence of the difference between these in what he calls his ’shorthand’.

‘Asking the Question (Coaching) – Telling the Answer (Consulting) – Guiding the Journey (Mentoring) – Filling the Gap (Training).


Feb 1st 2016, 6:21pm

"Here at Frugi we have worked with Peter for over 6 years. When we first met we were just going through our first growing pain barriers at around an £800K turnover and we were bursting out of the barns we housed our business in, on a little organic farm in rural Cornwall...

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