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We work with organisations that recognise the necessity of innovation for improvement, growth and long-term sustainability.

Some of the things our clients have said:

"Here at Frugi we have worked with Peter for over 6 years. When we first met we were just going through our first growing pain barriers at around an £800K turnover and we were bursting out of the barns we housed our business in, on a little organic farm in rural Cornwall. Peter took a lot of time to understand exactly what we wanted our business to be, he understood our grass roots aim to run an ethical, sustainable business, successfully and most importantly, profitably. By analysing our blocks to growth, he helped facilitate the solutions that have allowed us to consistently grow at around 40% per annum. We are now a £6M business with 50+ employees.

That sort of growth throws up a lot of challenges, especially when you have never done it before, and Peter held our hand through them all. He brought in Martin, who with his tremendous expertise in people management, helped us to understand our employee's strengths and weaknesses, which subsequently led us to create an assessment centre based recruitment strategy. This has meant our success rate with new starters and retention of talent is now much improved. A business is its people after all.

Peter has always brought us the right help at the right time, either personally through his vast experience of business or through his impressive network. He has been a considerable influence and support to the wider team here at Frugi too, always being a valued critical (and helpful) ear. I cannot recommend Peter's services highly enough, every growing business needs a Peter and his team!"

Lucy Jewson - Owner & Director, Frugi

"Peter’s coaching was critical in helping me understand what I wanted out of the business and how I could go about achieving it. He didn’t tell me what to do but worked with me in getting my strategic focus right and working on the things that really mattered. Peter has also helped facilitate team sessions for the business, his inclusive, natural style really helped create a trusting atmosphere where staff could share their concerns, focus on the challenges ahead and feel empowered and motivated to make a difference.

I’m a member of the Director Peer Group that Peter established and facilitated. He created an atmosphere of trust and openness amongst fellow business owners that I really didn’t think was possible. We regularly share in each other’s challenges and issues and Peter sensitively but effectively steers us through these issues so we are able to go away from our meetings focused and motivated to do something about them.

Peter is someone that I trust, a sounding board who knows my business but is outside it. I can call on him to discuss issues and challenges and he often makes me think about things in innovative and different ways, He’s a great support to me as a leader and to our whole team and has certainly influenced our growth over recent years."

Chris Dart - Director, ASP

"We worked with Peter for over 5 years and have found his advice across the full range of business matters to be invaluable. It really helped us shape our business in the way that a fast growing business needed."

Tom Kay - Founder, Finisterre

"Peter Haycocks has been brilliant to work with and over the past 4 years and has shared his invaluable experience and expertise during the business coaching meetings he has facilitated with my fellow Director and I. I would say that his timely and insightful advice has definitely resulted in us employing more staff and expanding our development team, creating more opportunities for our company’s growth. We also benefited from the Belbin session provided by Martin Smith."

Lindsey Axten - Co Founder/Director, Buzz Interactive

"Lisa has immense experience, wonderful connections and the drive and enthusiasm to facilitate change and improvement."

Laurence Smith - CEO, Zeon Healthcare

"The support Peter and Martin gave us at a time when we were looking to develop and grow our business was invaluable. Martin was able to help with Belbin in terms of the team at that time, and future recruitment, while Peter was able to support me as I looked to develop my role with one-to-one coaching."

Mark Picken - Founder/Director, MPAD

"Lisa sees things from every perspective and usually puts a personal edge to things which makes it easier to relate to. Massive amount of experience in all areas. Really enjoy meeting up with Lisa. "

Victoria Andrews - Managing Director, Forms Plus

"Lisa is providing invaluable help to our small but fast-growing business across a broad spectrum. She manages to make even the drier aspects interesting and fun and I would recommend her to any SME."

Marianne Tregoning - Proprietor, Beyond Organic Skincare

"Martin ran a series of team building workshops for us over a period of 6 months. Taking some some earlier Myers Briggs work as the start point, the programme was monitored and shaped using a monthly team questionnaire and finished with a 360 degree feedback exercise.

The feedback from the team about the series was really positive. My managers appreciated the way that Martin 'got to know them quickly' He has an ability to draw contributions out of everyone and facilitates discussion well and skilfully handles sensitivities and potential tensions in teams.

The practical activity resulted in specific outcomes such as a team ethos/values contract, better working relationships, meeting disciplines and personal development actions for all of us. The staff team is enthusiastic about the way this will help as we take the business forward. I have really valued Martin’s support."

Graham Bray - Managing Director, CF Systems

"As our business coach, Martin created an environment in which we could discuss the issues facing our business in a calm and productive way. From getting the whole team together to agree on our company values, to helping us decide the best structure for our organisation as we grew, Martin had the facilitation skills to bring out everyone’s thoughts, ideas and concerns, and turn them into a set of concrete actions. I can highly recommend Martin as a business coach, facilitator and just as a lovely, warm, friendly person."

Fiona Campbell-Howes – Author, Radix Communications

"Martin Smith has been a business mentor to me for at least 4 years and helped no end in helping me to set up the fundamental infrastructure of my business. When I met Martin my design business was really starting to grow and I was struggling to meet demand. I was trying to do everything from design (which is what I should have been doing) to marketing and even book keeping and accounts, which I certainly shouldn’t be doing! With Martin’s help I was able to see where my time was best spent and given the guidance to find a team of people that could help me without having to be ‘employed’ by me. Thus taking the sleepless nights of paying PAYE staff out of the equation.

Martin spent hours with me going through my figures and helping me set achievable budgets and targets. Within about a year (possibly less) I had a fantastic team of associate designers, marketers, book keepers and accountants etc and my client list had steadily grown. Not only had my client list grown but I was able to start to choose clients more carefully so that they fitted my design and ethical stance.  When I met Martin I was treading water and slowly sinking - today my business is enjoying steady growth with a range of aspirational brands and I have the foundation stones in place to enable Rose Savidge Creative to continue this growth into the future."

I can honestly say I owe my business and my livelihood to Martin and could not have done this without his incredible support."

Rose Savidge – Rose Savidge Creative


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"Peter Haycocks and Lisa Mynheer facilitated a session on 'What is Innovation?' At Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust's inaugural Innovation and Best Practice event in February 2015.  Their session kicked off the event by immediately introducing energy, creativity and laughter, which of course enables participants to fully engage in experiencing how to innovate and learn from others, with a healthy nod to competition.  Excellent opening session.  Would recommend."

Elaine Williams, Listening into Action lead, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust



A fantastic mentor, Lisa met us at the start of our journey into business. Through her guidance, support and encouragement we have explored different areas of our business that might have otherwise been left unturned. From funding applications to helping us take on our first team members, Lisa has always been incredibly positive, always asking the right questions that leave us thinking.

I also worked with Lisa through the Director Peer Groups, a fantastic support network, that allowed me to talk through various challenges that I came up against with like-minded people. Lisa’s leadership of this was fantastic, leading the sessions enough to keep everyone on track, whilst ensuring we all got the most out of them.

Luminno designed and delivered a 2-year programme built around 3 work programmes: i) Coaching for individual business owners ;ii) Facilitation of peer-learning groups (including one for female entrepreneurs only); iii) workshops to develop entrepreneurial and business skills and knowledge.  Delivery was in partnership with a local company, Growth Mosaic, who could supply market research and business plan development for those seeking investment to grow, and access to patient capital or other investment if required.  Growth Mosaic also employed 3 local coaches that the Luminno team trained and mentored during the programme.  This enabled the programme to also empower a team of local people to retain the learnt skills in Ghana beyond the life of the funded programme.

38 SMEs were approved for support based on the following:·        Impact-driven: Employment generation, Base of Pyramid inclusion (supply and/or market), Economic Development, Environmental benefits; ·        Post-idea, close to problem-solution fit, may be pre solution-market fit;·        May be pre-revenue and pre-breakeven, but need line of sight on revenue and profitability;·        Market traction with minimum viable product (e.g. samples);·        Minimum 2-person management team;·        Team has competitive advantage of technical expertise in solution;·        Strong solution differentiation and defensibility to warrant equity play;·        Promising scalable business concept (>$5m annual turnover in future)·        Significant customer problem in a large, growing market (>$100m TAM)

Although the project was only 2 years and did not allow for data collection, a number of the businesses achieved growth (One growing from $25m to $38m) and many business leaders developed their personal skills and were able to apply their learning to the structure, function and strategies of their businesses.


SUCCEED PROJECT – Supporting University Curriculum & Creativity in Engineering Entrepreneur Development

An RAE funded project under HEPSA (Higher Education Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa) 2018-2021.Cameroon is an emerging economy that suffers from a brain drain of its top engineering students to Europe and the USA, removing the opportunity for locally generated innovations and commercial exploitation, as well as dimishing the pool of quality employees for local businesses.

The project was designed to try and rectify this by working with a cohort of Cameroon’s universities to develop the practical skills and business knowledge of their engineering students.  This multi-stakeholder collaboration involves businesses and universities in both Cameroon and the UK.  UK partners are Luminno Ltd, The Open University (OU,UK) and King’s College London (KCL, UK). The lead partner is Institut St Jean- ISJ- (Yaounde, Cameroon). Other Cameroonian universities and local businesses are engaged.

The Fablab (the SUCCEED lab) is in the process of being established in ISJ, Yaounde, Cameroon, and Luminno led a visit tour to 7 fabrication spaces in the UK that each has its own business model and service offering, including fabrication equipment. ISJ are using this knowledge to design their own Fablab (The SUCCEED Lab). This will enable students from the partner local universities to design and test their own innovative ideas - Engineering Prototyping and Commercialisation - and create solutions for local businesses that are engaging with the project.

Together with OU, Luminno have facilitated workshops in Cameroon to develop the entrepreneurial potential of students through training and curriculum reinforcement is being assessed and developed by OU.

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"Here at Frugi we have worked with Peter for over 6 years. When we first met we were just going through our first growing pain barriers at around an £800K turnover and we were bursting out of the barns we housed our business in, on a little organic farm in rural Cornwall...

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